King of the World Playground Salome Jug


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


It will not let my text or copy now but was able getting close to this code. Go to you tube King of the World Salome Jug. I did the series to make sure the objects here were there. I was trained in France where they would be. It does say something about content not being allowed over secured servers or something. The horse is part of the Superstitions Rebel Gold book by Warren Getler and Bob Brewer. It says I pasture to the north which due north is Roosevelt Lake with a huge cliff. The Salome Jug is a 500 foot canyoneering event. It is equidistant up from 5 beehives due south and at the equidistant portion (mark of Cain kind) is the altar ancient stonehenge. There are things on the cross bar. All these are inverted from what is at Rennes-le-Chateau in France. It is the Dutchwoman's Mountain and Victoria Peak on the Salome chain now. On google on cell phone I located the cross at the top cut out of trees aerially down and the ray pointing to the Salome jug so this located to search. There is far more in France like that book on the Ancient Origins of the Celtic Language had pictures of these two structures. One is a male arch and the hymenal cave. You go under the arch to get to the pool or shell level and look up to see it. Believe me they have recently scrambled me with that warning and won't let me type here or paste. Had to do it right beside" images" they forgot .Legend has it King Solomon came here and used the cave tools which has to be certain genetics to retrieve it (like the King Arthur story) and you can with thought make your golden creations as Jah back in Exodus didn't like any thing hewn of man not even your steps to your altar were an abomination to defile nature and not just manifest. It is very detailed as the Hopi are involved but you'd have to know all I know which I am not placing here. The legend is the true red or heart person of the peoples is to return from the outer trek to the center (Hopi, Grandfather Martin) and then using the principles of what is inside becomes outside,etc parable then all the peoples journey to the outer land to retrain and this reclaim the world as a golden millenium of peace. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Each person is a walking church or should have the right ways written on their hearts not any old infiltrated system saying one thing and being nothing it says as you progress. It looks like they wiped out my Mayan things but it may be back there as you go back. I can't make paragraphs or get totally erased here. Go to you tube and search King of the World Salome Jug. The first video mentions it is to Putin. Go to 1min and straight ahead is the female slit cave and at 1:30 is the male arch so he didn't film in order. Then at 2:30 is the Puto comment. Our word for Putin on GLP as we keep getting banned as putophiles but I go the wise meme on about 2007 or 2008 with the Georgia thing. Everyone was all excited about giving Georgia passports and were wanting to make a grand cross of states changing. California all wanted to change but we were debating if that changed the cross too much (joking..we wouldn't stop liberation). Alaska was way up there so figured could just open up the path before the Putin in welcome. Just he should bring a cellphone cam and point it up to the skies spotting chemtrails or chem planes. Then they know you are one with the people awake wanting a liberated world in peace. It's not they would leave but passports give courage their is hope of a way out. They don't realize borders aren't an issue when you know it's your lands. Ask the Mexicans as they know.I apologize for no paragraphs as it deleted it all before doing it here.